Early Encounters in North America: Peoples,Cultures,以及环境

Early Encounters in North America: Peoples,Cultures,以及环境

Painstakingly assembled from hundreds of sources,Early Encounters in North America: Peoples,Cultures,以及环境documents the relationships among peoples in North America from 1534 to 1850.该系列集中于个人账户,并从所有的主角那里提供独特的视角,包括交易员,slaves,missionaries,explorers,士兵,native peoples,and officials,男人和女人。该项目使广泛的已出版和未出版的账户具有一致性,including narratives,diaries,期刊,and letters.


The variety of cultures in early North America was unprecedented.Dutch,English,French,西班牙语,意大利语,葡萄牙语,African,许多印度人民形成了复杂的互动历史。这本书让学者们看到了欧洲文化对印第安人的影响,并同样探索了印第安人对欧洲人的贡献。收藏展示,例如,the respect that Europeans had for Indian medicine.And it documents that the guerilla warfare practiced by the colonists during the American Revolution was used by Indians,一百年前,to counter European invaders.

The Indian perspective is recorded in a wide variety of sources,including oral accounts written down by Europeans at the time of contact and afterward,演讲,通信,以及印第安人出版的出版物,such as Cusick's六国古史简图Copway的生活,History and Travels.m.1manbetxAlexander Street's unique Semantic Indexing lets the user identify instances where Indian views are being relayed by European writers.

The database presents the first Europeans' impressions of North America;the language they used to capture new visual and emotional experiences;他们对第一次看到的动植物的描述;他们对新世界的看法;以及他们为说服潜在的殖民者移民而写的宣传。A specially developed controlled vocabulary enables researchers to find materials pertaining to cultural issues,比如亲属关系,Indian ceremonies,dress,religious practices,还有更多。

Local studies

The "literature of place"unfolds through these narratives.Users interested in images can find quickly prints and maps pertaining to an area,thanks to a standardized vocabulary of geographic terms.所以,例如,a search for material pertaining to Chicago will retrieve accounts of that city even before it was named.索引的级别和细节使用户可以将某个区域的原始描述与后续观察结果进行比较。

Environmental studies

自然历史系的学生可以即时获得数百年的记录观测结果。藏书中有数千种土地的描述,动物群,and flora.In some cases these descriptions and drawings are now the only source we have for studying species that are extinct.

一个由亨利·哈德森派往海岸的船员抓到了十条大乌鱼,of a foote an a halfe long a peece,and a ray as great as foure men could hale into the ship…They went into the woods,and saw a great store of very goodly oakes and some currants…The lands,they told us,与他们所看到的青草、鲜花和美丽的树木一样令人愉快,and very sweet smells came from them.

—Robert Juet describing New York Harbor in 1625


在北美的早期遭遇is much more than a collection of digitized texts.独特的语义索引和几十个新创建的受控词汇表,previously hidden details can be extracted in seconds.There are subject terms for peoples,对于风俗习惯和行为,对于环境术语,as well as for standardized places and dates.语义索引可以让研究人员在几秒钟内回答如下问题:

  • Show me all descriptions of the British by American Indians.
  • 请给我描述一下1640年至1660年间与休伦人的致命遭遇。
  • Show me all descriptions of fauna in North Carolina between 1700 and 1750.
  • Explore the vocabularies used when particular explorers first encountered Native American settlements.
  • 让我看看克里斯托弗·哥伦布在与印第安人交流时使用谈判策略的所有作品。


Just a few discoveries unlocked from the hundreds of source texts include accounts of early explorations of the colonies at Roanoke and Plimoth (Plymouth);the Cherokee and the Creek;works by Captain Smith,戈斯诺德Hakluyt,哈德森,and others;德布雷在欧洲出版的《美洲汇编》(包括亚历山大街第一本德布雷译本);m.1manbetxdescriptions of landscapes from William Byrd and Mark Catesby;in-depth studies of missions;extensive accounts by fur traders;先锋定居点的详细描述;works by Cartier,Champlain,Joliet,马奎特亨内平Radisson,Des Groseilliers,拉萨尔Tonti布尔蒙特the Vérendryes brothers;耶稣会的关系,在他们的原始语言,也翻译;the Sioux,夏延Comanche,Wichita,and Shosoni;刘易斯和克拉克探险队的原始期刊;加利福尼亚独特的文化;the Apache,Yuma,and Navaho;works by de Vaca,Coronado;阿亚拉的远征队,Quadra,公鸭,and others along the Coast of California and the Spanish interior;基诺神父的探索,德安扎and Garcés;辛普森和西格里夫斯的调查;the explorations of Mackenzie,Pike,长;加州淘金热对环境和文化的影响;and much more!


The collection includes more than 1,200 quality color images,including many works by George Catlin and John James Audubon.The images are indexed independently,允许用户按日期搜索它们,author,以及许多其他标识符。当浏览整本书的电子版本时,图像也可以看到。


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Early Encounters in North America: Peoples,Cultures,以及环境在网络上可用,either through annual subscription or as a one-time purchase of perpetual rights.它包含100000页的文本和相关的地图和图像。Institutions that pay once for perpetual rights will receive an archival copy of the database in SGML format.



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